Fun Funds

Give the Gift of Cash All Year Round

Our collection of commemorative cash gift books let Gain members give the gift of cash with a festive twist. Our books come packed with cash and decorated with designs to suit the season. Each book features U.S. currency padded together in a festive gift book and costs just two dollars per pack (plus the cost of currency). 

Check out our selection below and treat your loved ones to the gift that everybody loves... cash! 

Fun Funds®

Fun Funds are the perfect way to give cash for any occasion. Fun Funds are available all year long to fit all of your cash-giving needs.

fun funds envelope

Fun Funds Money

Birthday Bucks®

Money makes for a classic birthday gift, but it's twice as fun in one of our festive gift books. Birthday Bucks are available all year long, so stop into a branch and stock up today!

birthday bills cover

Jingle Bills®

Cash is coming home for the holidays

You can deck the halls of your loved ones with our festive gift books full of cash. They're the cash gift books that deliver holiday cheer like no other. Jingle Bills are only available during the holiday season. 

Jingle Bills are available exclusively to Gain members, and are limited in supply. In other words, once they're gone, they're gone! So ready your reindeer, slide over in your sleigh, and stock up on the stocking stuffer that everybody loves... cash!

get jolly. get jingle bills

Diploma Dollars®

What's one thing kids love more than throwing a square-topped hat in the air? Moolah! Give your graduate a head start with a festive gift book full of cash. School may be out, but money is always in.

Diploma Dollars are exclusively available during graduation season. 

Available in $1.00 & $5.00 bill denominations:

10 count singles ($1.00)..................$12.00
20 count singles ($1.00)..................$22.00
10 count fives ($5.00).....................$52.00
20 count fives ($5.00).....................$102.00

Our festive cash gift books can only be purchased in our branches and are available exclusively to our members. To check your eligibility and apply now, visit!