Benefits Plus®

Benefits Plus® offers real savings on products and services you use every day.

We've put the savings directly in the palm of your hands with the new Personal Mobile Concierge App from Benefits Plus®. Book a vacation, purchase discounted gift cards and save at local restaurants - all from your smartphone or tablet. Once you sign up for Benefits Plus, create your profile here and then download the app for iPhone or Android. 

Travel Savings: 

An exclusive full-service travel network -Including hotels, cruise packages, theme park discounts, group tours, and more. Benefits Plus® guarantees the lowest available pricing available at the time of booking.

Discounted Gift Cards:

A variety of gift cards are available to Benefits Plus® members at a 10% discount. Purchase in the lobby, online, or through the Personal Mobile Concierge® App. Click here for a list of gift cards available in the lobby.

Dining Dough:

Members save up to 87% when dining out using Dining Dough. Purchase online or on your mobile device. 

Try Benefits Plus® for 3 months FREE

We want you to experience all the advantages Benefits Plus® can offer you and your family. That's why we're offering three months of Benefits Plus® FREE. After that, membership in the Benefits Plus® program will cost $5.00 per month with your Gain Checking Account. If you don't have a checking account your monthly fee will be $10.00.

Free Benefits Plus® - Members who make at least one purchase each month with their Platinum Rewards Mastercard will have their monthly Benefits Plus® fee waived up to a maximum of $5.00. Learn more about our Platinum Rewards Card.

Click here to explore the Benefits Plus website.