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  • a child pets his dog

    COVID-19: Let's Face it Together

    2020-03-18 | News

    We are all facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, and in these uncertain times, your concerns are our concerns.

  • cover of 2018 Annual Report

    2018 Annual Report

    2019-05-01 | News

    Our Annual Report gives you everything you need to know about the year that was.

  • UAW FCU - Gain Merger

    UAW FCU is Merging with Gain

    2020-03-25 | News

    UAW FCU accounts will be transferred to Gain Federal Credit Union on April 1, 2020.

  • people wear medical masks in public

    What To Do When The Markets Go Haywire

    2020-03-18 | News

    There is no way to soften the bad news COVID-19 has brought in recent weeks to the economy and the stock market. What should you do now?

  • fraud prevention

    Don't Let the Bad Guys Win

    2020-03-17 | News

    In the current environment it is important for us all to be aware of emails especially ones that are related to Coronavirus.

  • winter 2019 newsletter

    Newsletter - Winter 2020

    2020-01-01 | News

    Our Winter Newsletter collects all the best finanicial tips, special promotions and news that the credit union has to offer.