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Due to scheduled maintenance, cash withdrawals will not be available at three of our off-site ATMs from Thursday, March 30th, until Tuesday, April 4th. The affected ATMs are located at Burbank High School, Fotokem and the Burbank Police Department. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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  • episode 8

    The Better Banking Podcast S01E08

    2022-12-27 | Podcast

    Learn about Independent Advantage, The Better Banking Class for Teens, with Laurie Krattiger and Jasmine Dixon, the Community Education Program Coordinators at Gain Federal Credit Union. 

  • episode 7

    The Better Banking Podcast S01E07

    2022-12-13 | Podcast

    We welcome Yvonne Boutte, the Loan Servicing Manager at Gain Federal Credit Union, to tell you what it's like to have a better loan and what it takes to make the experience better for you!

  • Episode 6

    The Better Banking Podcast S01E06

    2022-11-29 | Podcast

    We welcome Director of Business Development, Brock Collins of Gain Federal Credit Union to discuss how the Credit Union lends a helping hand to the surrounding community. 

  • Episode 5

    The Better Banking Podcast S01E05

    2022-11-15 | Podcast

    It seems like credit scores are everywhere these days. But what do they mean and how do you get a better one? Greg Marcella knows, and he's our guest on Episode #5 of The Better Banking Podcast! 

  • Episode Four

    The Better Banking Podcast S01E04

    2022-11-01 | Podcast

    We welcome Anna Escobar, the Consumer Loan Specialist at Gain Federal Credit Union to talk about two insurance ideas that can help you out in case of an auto accident!

  • episode three

    The Better Banking Podcast S01E03

    2022-10-18 | Podcast

    AJ Warna is here to tell you how to get your next vehicle without ever setting foot in a dealership... and tell a few car shopper stories.


    The Better Banking Podcast S01E02

    2022-10-04 | Podcast

    Branch Manager Paul Stewart joins the podcast to talk about our flagship location, the Burbank headquarters! 

  • episode one

    The Better Banking Podcast S01E01

    2022-09-20 | Podcast

    The debut episode of The Better Banking Podcast features Gain's Loan Servicing Manager Yvonne Boutte!

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    Never Miss an Episode

    2022-08-26 | Podcast

    Here you'll find links to our show on all of your favorite podcast platforms.