By Chris O'Shea, Savvy Money

The coronavirus vaccines have given everyone a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, one day, perhaps things will return to the way they were. If you’re like most people, there is one thing from this time you might like to keep around: Your stricter financial habits. Here are some money-centric behaviors that arose during the pandemic that are worth making permanent.

Save With Focus

Chances are you’ve been more vigilant about saving than ever. This is because the pandemic really streamlined everything. When you feel your financial security threatened, the important things tend to stand out. Instead of saving in a vague way, you likely got laser-focused. You might want to keep that mindset going as things return to normal. As The New York Times reports, saving with a purpose tends to lead to more savings overall.

Spend on Happiness

Just as the pandemic streamlined your saving strategies, it likely made you reconsider how you spend your cash. Maintain that habit if you can. Instead of spending your money without giving it much thought, think through your expenses and make sure they are worth your hard-earned income.

Budget Better

The pandemic probably had you looking over your budget more than once. Make this habit stick. Life is rarely static; your budget shouldn’t be either. Do yourself a favor and revisit your budget every couple of months. Doing so will help you spend and save more wisely.